Teacher professional development in inquiry-based teaching

The course aims to inform teachers and staff members about professional development (PD) activities and experiences around Inquiry-Based Teaching (IBT) of the teachers involved in the project.

Through the course, you will get inspired by successes in bottom-up professional development in inquiry-based teaching, you will learn from previous pitfalls, and you will develop concrete ideas for PD in IBT that could be implemented in your own school, department, or classroom.

Besides an introductory keynote by an expert on IBT and PD, you will get ample opportunity to engage with issues of your interest, by working at various ‘stations’, and by having face-to-face conversations with people from the Sharing Knowledge Project. First-hand experiences from school practice! You will leave with theoretical insights, shared practical knowledge, and concrete output to work with back at school.

The course is free of charge and held on three different dates: February 14, February 21 and March 27.

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